Stylish Gray Living Room Ideas To Inspire You

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Are you thinking about updating your living room? It can be tricky to navigate the array of options – from light and bright to multi-coloured, to dark and moody. But have you considered a grey living room? It makes it a really easy space to continuously re-style and update with new trends and seasons.

Grey is a versatile choice, providing a blank canvas to paint on. It’s safe but stylish, and there are so many colours you can combine with it. Try pairing grey with exposed brick, or adding it to brown, white or yellow, or even layering shades of grey to add depth and dimension.

1. Incorporate shades of grey

With so many shades of grey, you certainly don’t have to stick to just one and in fact, by using a few different shades it will add dimension and layers to it. Use a different shade for a couch, coffee table, light fittings and of course, paint colour. You can then bring it all together with some monochrome picture frames and other styling items.

2. Create a gallery wall

This living room has a grey couch but also includes a touch of colour and a lot of detail with a striped rug and animal-print cushions. One way to inject life into a space like this is to create a personalised gallery wall like this one. To achieve a similar look, arrange your gallery wall on the floor (like a puzzle) until you’re satisfied; next, start hanging pictures one by one, starting on the right side and slowly moving to the left side.

3. Paint a textured grey feature wall

Make a statement in your living room by incorporating a large feature wall. Use textured paint to create a similar look to the one in this picture. Also, use grey flooring to create a streamlined look from floor to walls.

As for the furniture, choose pieces that will stand out against the grey. For example, this living room design incorporates timber furniture with a neutral rug, as well as black lamp shades for the hanging lights.

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